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The Himalayan Mystery

Is this Himalayan story true or is it a myth?

It may be unbelievable but it is true, as I was there. Please read and make up your mind.

A novel for youngsters and people of all ages.

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Six Notches on the Whip

During the 17th Century, slavery was at its peak, and 400 years later, in the 21st Century, in some places, it still exists, although the name has changed to make slavery appear more acceptable, but not as savage.

Hence I am writing this novel, so we don’t forget.

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Hoots Wood

Hoot, the Owl, watches from his perch in the woods as the animals and birds awake and wonders what might happen today?
Hoots wood is a book with pictures, suitable for youngsters to read and learn about Meadowland creatures

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Wow the Worlds shortest novel

This book is the World’s shortest novel, which every married man and woman should read at least once, if not more.

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Before it’s too late

We listen to daily comments about climate change and the perils of Planetwarming. We’ve heard of the climatic disasters and wildfires driven by the ever-increasing winds and drought in Australia!

And now we’re hearing other countries are suffering torrential rainfall, an increasing number of cyclones, destructive winds and abnormally high tides, drought where drought has never existed, increased snow levels, covering everything in sight! And, of course, intolerable heat with the temperatures regularly increasing to crisis levels! We often hear the news reports or talk about our concerns with predictable insight, but do we truly understand what’s happening to our planet?

Please don’t believe in coincidences – because they’re not! If you wish to know and understand whether we are now on the coalface of climate change, please read my novel, Before it’s too late.

Keith C Payne

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A Dose of Insulin

If you know Reading, Berkshire, then read on, and even if you don’t read on anyway.

This novel encapsulates a special bond between two sisters living in Caversham on the outskirt of Reading.

Eventually, the elder sibling comes to see her life as one without the rewards she believes she so richly deserves; maybe her experience of different traumas will now result in something else, possibly something worse.

Elsa, the youngest of these sisters, has diabetes. Could her diabetes provide the solution to another problem?

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For decades, the world has never known the real truth.

Now three young men are going to discover exactly what it is, but only one of them will ever discover the ultimate truth.

We have our beliefs, and it is not going to be easy traveling through Europe, the Canary Islands, and South America. It would be a lengthy journey, taking several years. Certainly, it wouldn’t be without its dangers.

Would we survive to make the world aware of our discoveries? In fact, would we even decide that it is safe to declare the results?

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Stepping Back in Time – Jardine, Payne, Hoy

My Mother, Doreen Hilda Payne (nee Jardine) executed much of this research, tracing our forebears’ history back to the 1800’s and possibly the very late 1700’s.


This may not seem a long time ago but when you remember that in those early times, people rode around on horseback; motor vehicles and aeroplanes were 100 years away from being invented. The Duke of Wellington was defeating Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 and in 1860 the American Civil War was yet to happen; while space travel was only an imaginative comic book dream. This tells you how long ago 1800 was, let alone the 1700’s.


The purpose of this document is to create an ongoing history of this immediate family and those involved, so that our Children and our Children’s Children will know where they came from and the histories and interests of these family members. Also the times in which they lived; indeed how much life and life’s struggles have changed over the years.


It is my hope that our (Doreen and Keith Payne) Children, Holly and James and their Children, Jessica and Isabella by Holly and Sophie Olivia by James and Vicky will add their story to this historical document and pass it onto their Children.


Should each subsequent generation add their story, this document will become historical in its own right.


When I realised all the effort my Mother had put into locating her ancestors as far back as she had and realised exactly what she had managed to achieve, I believed it would be a great tragedy if all her endeavours were lost; herewith the book.


Not many children know beyond their immediate grandparents so what an incredible history this will be if it is maintained down the years, recording all the changes in the way we live and additions to our family.


Bless you Mother.